Business Owner Disputes and Litigation

Whether you or your company is a plaintiff or a defendant, litigating with your business partners is very difficult to face. In addition to providing our clients with practical experience and strategic vision for their case, we help them understand and analyze the potential costs and benefits and other risk factors involved. We have substantial experience in implementing business separation strategies, negotiating settlements, and if need be litigating disputes among business owners.

Common topics in business owner disputes include:

  • Reasonable Compensation
  • Unlawful Distributions and Dividends
  • Reasonable Business Judgment
  • Accounting of Assets
  • Shareholder Derivative Action
  • Corporate Governance
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Good Faith and Duty of Loyalty
  • Minority Shareholder Oppression
  • Freeze-Out Merger
  • Dissenters’ Rights and Appraisal
  • Buyout and Buy-Sell
  • Bankruptcy and Receivership
  • Judicial Dissolution