Losing a friend or family member can be a very difficult and emotional time.  The legal and financial complexities involved in probate and trust administration can be challenging.  At Stoll Petteys, we guide our clients through the process, taking on as much or as little of the work as needed, to ensure that the estate is settled correctly, always with sensitivity to the persons involved and a view to avoid disagreements before they arise.

With legal counsel handling the complexity of administration, our clients have more time to focus on grieving and supporting family members.

Another side of our trust practice is working with trustees of established trusts to ensure compliance with the trust agreement and state law.  Trustees are required to provide certain notice and information to beneficiaries when a trust is established as well as throughout the term of the trust.  The trust agreement usually provides for additional requirements, including terms for distributions.  A trustee has a fiduciary duty of the utmost good faith and loyalty to beneficiaries, and it is critical that the trustee is well informed and perform his or her role diligently.

In addition to representing personal representatives and trustees, we also represent heirs and beneficiaries of estates and trusts, who feel they are not being treated fairly by a personal representative or trustee. See Trusts and Estates Litigation.

Whatever the issues, we help our clients find the most collaborative and cost-effective solutions.